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Your donation in the spotlight (1)

In April 2017, we received a beautiful collection of pencil drawings of steam locomotives. This donation was made by Ms. Griet Baeyens. The drawings were specially made by the artist J. Poupaert in the 1960s for the private collection of Ms. Baeyens’ father: Ludovic Baeyens, a railway enthusiast. The 139 drawings each represent a different Belgian steam locomotive in Bruges station over time. They were mainly based on existing photos and were drawn in a very detailed manner.
Discover some beautiful drawings by J. Poupaert below. You can also admire the entire collection in our database.



An interesting donation

The historic collections of NMBS/SNCB are very varied and focus on the history of the Belgian railway in all its facets. A large part of these collections has been acquired within the railway group. The other part comes from donations from individuals, associations or other railway companies.
Whether they are small donations (such as a photo or a book) or large donations which form a collection in themselves, we consider them all equally valuable!
Over the years, we have acquired thousands of items in this way. They have been added progressively to our historical database. In this section, from time to time, we put one of them in the spotlight.

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