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The railway attic unveiled ...

... at Train World

Since 1835, thousands of tools, instruments, scale models and works of art have been collected, all of them bearing witness to the work of railway men and women through time.  These objects and their diversity show the emotional strength, beauty and poetry of the railway world.
Here you can admire measuring instruments, lanterns, signals, busts, paintings, scales, and so on. You will also find lots of information boards.



The information boards

Typical blue and white station nameboards inform passengers of the name of the station into which the train is entering. The platform signs help them find their way around the station. Warning signs indicate the dangers of level crossings and electric catenaries. Manufacturer’s plates were affixed by the manufacturer to identify rolling stock of his manufacture. The SNCB logo also served an identification function.

Click on the image and discover some of these information boards.



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The lanterns

You will also find lots of lanterns. None of them are the same, and for good reason: each has its own particular function. Oil lamps, acetylene lamps, electric lamps, train and safety lights... they serve as a railway signal, warn the driver or highlight work on the tracks.

Click on the image and discover some of these historic lanterns.

Today we're open from 10:00 until 17:00 (last admission at 15:30).